About MASN

(The below text is our interpretation of MASN and expresses our own opinions only. Check the official website!)

Moving Anthropology Student Network (MASN) was initiated by an international group of anthropology (social, cultural) and ethnology students in 2005. The network is functioning on two main levels:

– through its website, which includes more than 1000 members worldwide. It provides space for exchange of ideas and experiences of anthropology students from a wide spectrum of anthropological traditions. Additionally, all members can get up-to-date info about conferences, publications etc. via MASN newsgroup.

– and through organizing international conferences, where students can meet and exchange their research experience face-to-face. Up till now, there have been 4 conferences organized (in Austria, Croatia, Poland and Germany and the 5th one coming up in Italy, May 2008 ) by each individual national MASN sub-group. They all followed similar structure: morning sessions allowed for 3 individual paper presentations, while afternoon sessions were reserved for workshops and roundtables, allowing intensive work in smaller groups. Each day and its “umbrella-topic” were finally discussed as a whole, and followed by a more relaxing fringe event (film, photography, etc.- creativity encouraged!).

Anyhow, MASN was created to constructively connect students of ethnology, anthropology and others interested in its ways and topics, independent from institutional sphere and already established academic hierarchies. That’s why it is a student network. The moving part of the network’s title on the other hand implies that there must be some sort of movement here. It’s the ever-changing venue of the conference, and the ever growing membership, fueled with new creativity of young researchers. There.

In praxis, the MASN meetings provided an important space for exchange (of many things), but also concrete options for new acquaintances within our academic interests. There are already a few common projects developing, which were initiated on MASN conferences and through MASN friendships.

The conferences also meant “going international” – for many of us, this was one of the first possibilities to present our work in public, in front of an international audience. It’s an experience!

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